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A recently-completed 1,225 mile-long network will allow Tower Cloud to provide mobile backhaul for 4G wireless services throughout South Georgia. 

Tower Cloud entered into a partnership with Alma Telephone Company and several other local carriers to complete the high-fiber count cable route network. The Company’s new mobile backhaul network goes through the I-75 corridor. It provides coverage to key markets in rural South Georgia and the Southeast.

According to Tower Cloud, its new mobile backhaul network will initially provide backbone for 13 fiber rings. In time, the network will come to support more than 300 cell sites throughout South Georgia.

Tower Cloud employs pure Ethernet broadband technologies in its fiber optic and wireless backhaul networks. Wireless carriers depend on the Company to deliver backhaul voice, video, and data from cell sites. 

According to Ron Mudry, founder and CEO of Tower Cloud, the rapid proliferation of 4G wireless services have doubled and even tripled the demand for mobile data bandwidth from carriers. “Tower Cloud is building networks to meet these demands and support the data tsunami being created by the rapid adoption of smartphones, tablets and other bandwidth intensive devices,” he said. 

Earlier this year, the IEEE published a report about the explosive growth in data traffic. Every 18 months sees a doubling of total data traffic. Mobile data is undergoing a similarly impressive growth of 92 percent every year. More and more mobile backhaul is required to properly support the mobile market’s ravenous appetite for bandwidth.

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