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A recent report by the Dell’Oro groups sees the mobile backhaul industry reach a staggering $9 billion by the year 2016. As more operators get more subscribers and customers, more cell sites are being built for capacity and many are upgrading to an all IP-Network. This has been the biggest factor the increased demand for mobile backhaul technology.

The arrival of smartphones and mobile devices mean an increase in data carried alongside voice circuits and backhauling is seen as the best solution to handle larger capacities while maintaining efficiency in the networks.

In urban areas, the research suggest more operators will be keen on using micro and pico cells for capacity. For more than 50% of site, microwave will be used for backhauling. The transport sector of the industry is expected to grow to $6 billion by 2016.

Dell’Oro is one of the leading telecommunications research organization in the world and their 5-year forecast includes emerging trends, market analyses, and pricing in the market.

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